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Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle

Cathy Sharon - Julie Estelle Glasses Important!

Julie Estelle and Cathy Sharon really like to collect glasses. Starting from the eyeglasses that are 1 million to top up to a 10 thousand and sold in the markets. Those glasses are very important. Glasses not only as a tool for the style but also has become a necessity.

"Actually both of them instead of the need to be stylish," Cathy Sharon said when met at the Shangri La Hotel, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

"Because it is a tropical country because a lot of sun, and we often to the beach so we often collections," said Julie Estelle.

"Glasses were very-very important, because the air is very hot, so without makeup we'll continue to wear glasses," added Julie Estelle again.

Cathy Sharon says she has more than 10 glasses. The colors of his choice there are some that are not conventional. Each overseas often she did photo shoots with these glasses.

"There are over 10, wear glasses glasses there is also usually not a conventional color aja, and sometimes out of the country again if there is a session like shooting," she said, laughing.

They both sometimes borrow each other spectacles with one another and are not stingy with each other. But there is also a favorite sunglasses are not allowed to borrow.

"There is one favorite glasses that I guard I really, and very few people can borrow, I love it really the same glasses," says Cathy Sharon.

They both really like to collect glasses that have a price above 1 million. But there are also 10 thousand glasses and sunglasses that are purchased in the market.

"What is certain is above 1 million, there are also glasses that 10 thousand is a buy in these markets too," I'm Cathy Sharon.

"Like really a collection of glass eyes, yes its price above 1 million and it also has I love-love really," added Julie Estelle.

Cathy Sharon also had lost one of his favorite sunglasses. She never bought sunglasses in Japan and when he walked the streets of Australia's glasses suddenly fell, she even had time to cry over losing them.

"Once purchasing sunglasses bought in Japan, and I love really, and I was again the streets of Australia and all of a sudden fall and eventually cry easily," added Cathy Sharon.