Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia Family suspiciously There Role of 'Insider'

Artist Shandy Aulia admitted surprise at the sight of one of the jewelry, bracelets, worth around 200 million, disappeared from his place. Families also suspect the involvement of 'insider' in this case.

"Shandy Aulia was shocked of course, jewelry is lost," said Shandy Aulia Elsye mother when contacted by telephone on Sunday (29/08). "There was no robbery, but it was placed in the room, not compromised, indeed there seems to be 'insider'," she continued asserted.

Shandy Aulia stay at Town House, Gandaria Residence, South Jakarta with her aunt, and several servants. But it would not prejudiced to the family or servants, more confident outsiders who do this theft. "Maybe people outside," she said.

Both Shandy Aulia and Elsye not aware when the jewelry was missing, she just knew when they want to wear it. So family-related time no one knew when it happened.

"It happened when the aunt did not know, she realized her jewelery Shandy Aulia time lost, at the time would be used at night," she explained.

Not rebutted Shandy Aulia saddened by this incident, but it certainly will not disturb the process of her marriage to Dave Laksono, son Agung Laksono Menkokesra, which was prepared. "No problem, no relationship. Still further," added Elsye.