Cinta Laura Kiehl Profile :

Full Name: Cinta Laura Kiehl
Nick Name: Cinta Laura
Date / Date of Birth: Quakenbruck, Germany, August 17, 1993
City Now: Jakarta, Indonesia
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 170
Weight: 44
Hobbies: Swimming
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer
Years active: 2007 - Present


Father Name: Michael Kiehl
Name of Mother: Herdiana, SH

Filmografi :

* Oh Baby (2008) / MD Entertainment / sebagai Baby
* Seleb Kota Jogja (SKJ) (2010) / Starvision Plus / sebagai Gadis

Soap operas :

* Cinderella (2007) / MD Entertainment / Episode 324 / as Love
* Upik Abu and Laura (2008) / Sinemart Productions (Sinemart) on RCTI / 110 Episode / as Laura
* Tears Love (2009) / Sinemart Productions (Sinemart) on RCTI / 53 Episode / as Love

Achievements / Awards :

* Finalist Top Model 2006
* Best Actress 2008:
  1. Tabloid Gaul
  2. Trax magazine
  3. Tabloid Bintang
  4. Teen Magazines
  5. Girl Magazine
  6. Magazine
* Indonesian Indonesian Star Wannabe Award at the Kids Choice Awards 2010
* Recipient of 10 gold, 7 silver, 7 bronze Inter International Schools Swimming Championship in Indonesia
* Champion Class at the International School of Bogor

Cinta Laura Collection Photos :

Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura Biography :


Cinta Laura made her debut in the entertainment world as a finalist in the Top Model 2006. One of the jury selection event is Sanjay Maulani, a casting director at MD Entertainment. Love was immediately offered the main patron.

Daughter of the couple Michael Kiehl and Herdiana, SH was finally accepted an offer to become a major star in the soap opera Cinderella MD Entertainment production. first four months, love instead of shooting, but a course in Indonesian language (because he is less fluent in Indonesian language) and acting exercise.

World role

Began his acting career through the role as leader named as "Love" in the soap opera Cinderella. Soap opera that is the first and last sinteron MD Entertainment produced and played by Love because after that Love MD Entertainment and parties involved in a conflict. Then Love was offered by Sinemart Productions to serve as "Laura" in the soap opera Upik Abu and Laura. Through the soap opera that he first began to be known people who start since 2008, amounting by 110 first episode aired starting from the date of Monday, June 30, 2008 and finished the last episode on Sunday, October 19, 2008 which aired every day at 17.30 WIB on RCTI.

Thanks to a mixed dialect spoken between Indnoesia and English Language, Love looks different. Thanks to this accent, he is increasingly in demand in the world of Indonesian entertainment. In 2008, she received an offer first film debut, Oh Baby. In this film, Love also contributed his voice to the movie soundtrack.

In 2009 he returned to play a role in the soap opera entitled Tears of Love on RCTI aired every day at 19:00.


Early 2009, Love duet by Duo Maia on their latest album sings the song Love traitor.

In early 2010, he managed to obtain a Double Platinum for her first album, titled the same as the name "Laura Love". This achievement is made special because in just five weeks after thrown into the market, and the album has sold more than 200,000 coffee. The award was handed over at the sidelines of the grand final "Ayo Nge-dance KFC Laura Love Together" in Metro Indah Mall from Bandung, West Java province Saturday, February 27, 2010.

Cinta Laura once again proves that exceptional talent in the art world. After a long-awaited, he was realizing his dream of realizing her first album titled CINTA LAURA. The album was patterned Electro Pop, dynamic and energetic, as well as his own personality Laura Love. Contains 10 songs sung with a unique vocal style Love, spoiled, coquettish, but nice to dinikmati.DJ Sumantri didaulat as music director for the entire album. She was called by Cinta as 'Timbaland her Indonesian', eloquently concocting a nice arrangement.


July 2008, Love berkasus in court with MD Entertainment . Love is suing production house which is considered violated the employment contract. After undergoing several times a session, mid-December 2008 the court finally decided the Love guilty and should bear the compensation of material and non material for Rp1.716.406.00 or make an agreement that has not been implemented