Foto Bugil Artis Jennifer Arnelita Jennifer Arlita, artist born in Balikpapan, December 17, 1984 was beginning his career as a shoe product commercials and print advertisements of health products, Vitonal F in 1999. Foto Bugil Artis Jennifer Arnelita Then continue to receive advertising offers H & R t-shirts, Vaseline, Kasogi, and Fanta, which dibesut between the years 1999 to 2000.Foto Bugil Artis Jennifer Arnelita

The only child of the Foto Bugil Artis Jennifer Arnelita couple Janni A Rampengan and Reynie F Werat is then started to get an offer to play soap operas and FTV. Often get an antagonistic role in the soap opera-soap operas starring, not dampen the interest to develop the capability of acting in soap opera actress who played EARLY MARRIAGE, SAD STORY IN THE DAY SUNDAY, MOTHER, FOR LOVE and HIKAYAH.