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hot Donita toket bugil - sexy Donita with black dress
hot Donita toket bugil - sexy Donita with black dress
hot Donita toket bugil - sexy Donita with black dress

Donita Love Acting World

Known as a model, and also stars pesinetron movies, Donita apparently harbored other talent, ie singing. Not just a hobby, a beautiful virgin birth of Bandung, West Java, it is now claimed to hone his ability in the singing field.

"I'm still training and singing lessons. If asked stop singing, I can not stop singing, I'm still singing off the water and likes to sing in the house, because singing is a profession that started from a hobby. Maybe it's not an obsession, but it would be nice if you run a hobby continue to be paid, "said Donita when met after launching CINTA Sinetron FITRI MD Session 6 in the Office of Entertainment, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (3 / 8).

Donita resume, she is more focused on acting because for more promising careers.

"If it starts acting opportunities and chances that made the work, where I learned to make money and become better," said Donita

So, where real nice between singing and acting?

"When asked where the better, if singing was a hobby from childhood, while I'm already in love with acting after three years, playing a soap opera. There is joy and satisfaction of each," said Donita.

"I would rather say that as a player. When asked to choose what singing acting, I would not choose both, I'm not the type of people who have a definite planning. I have no idea where I take advantage of opportunities," said Donita