Beautiful artist Marshanda enjoy to being alone. After break love affair with Baim Wong, Marshanda now has not also gets its change. But solitary the doesn't make it dissolves desolately. For his there or there is no there is the boyfriend, not influential.

"I am not have ever felt solitude after break from Baim. Because there are family and many friends is supporting me. More than anything else if I again there are problem they always there are my create," said Chacha.

This time all important for his is continuing college and concentration for career progress. The problem of boyfriend, searched walking. More than anything else, Chacha confess non easy woman type fallen in love. But if had liked with one sure boy of Chacha sticking direct.

"I will not thinking about boy problem. I was not easy woman type fallen in love but if have falling in love i will always love him," adds it.

Then, man like what becoming craving Chacha? " If the problem of type I am not will which too stilted. Important as of religion, can protect me, delicious is invited to fiddles faddle, and most important of he understands my world, not to many asking," he repeated.

Asked how the rapport with men so called Evan and whether Chacha want returned again to Baim, Chacha also voice open. " If Evan only just friend and not more. If for inversion again with Baim for the existing not. But if is destined and having couple surely back of again," he said.