Top Model Julie Estelle shown her perfect body at Playboy Magazine Indonesia

Remember, a dream is just a dream, but it becomes a goal when you write, put an end date on it, and begin at a stage today.

It comes with the confidence of small successes and failures.

I never meet a girl or a woman when she asks me if it may or may not be a model throughout history because people have done and regretted later. The type of engineering drawing of the Titanic "unsinkable."

They also often refer to two other "failures" in the world of entertainment.

The first said he had no voice and had to return to his job driving a truck. This was Elvis Presley.

The second is a new rock band in the early sixties. They were told by a major studio with guitars, the bands are on their way "and were rejected. This small group was the Beatles.

Therefore, you're in good company, if it is rejected by an agency. Always ask, "What is the worst that could happen if they apply to an organization?"

I think the obvious answer is the worst that can happen is they say no. If yes, then they are not worse than what you are now. But if he says yes.