Agnes Monica (Agnes Monica Muljoto born July 1, 1986) is an Indonesian pop singer, dancer, actress, singer and producer. His first son album ".. And the story" (2003) made popular teenage singer known as a great success in Indonesia with the singles "Bilang Saja", "Jera" and "Cinta Mati". Then he launched his second album "Whaddup A.."? (2005). Their second album is a success, with its success, "Tak Ada Logik. It sold 50,000 copies in 10 days. It is ideal for any Indonesian singer. Then, after their second album, which wants to prove himself can produce his own album. This can be seen for its third album "Sacredly Agnezious" (2009), with Agnes Monica greatest success, "Matahariku.
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Agnes Monica success gave him glory, not only in Agnes Monica native country, the Philippines, Indonesia, but also in neighboring countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and Indo-Dutch in the Netherlands. His performance in the Song Festival 2008 in Asia, Seoul, Korea, opened the doors of the glory of Taiwan, Korea, China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific. It is the only singer in Indonesia, which has its own dance group called Nezindahood, which are always performed along when Agnes Monica. [This year's plan is to "go international". That's why you need to learn the Chinese language even more. Accordingly, Taiwan's role in the series 2 "Romance in the White House" by Peter Ho and "The Hospital" with Jerry Yan. Although not the main role in series 2, but it is a big step for her and for Indonesian actress.

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